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CMS LogoCoffee  Management Services Ltd (CMS) is a leading agri-business service provider,  offering farm management services to the coffee industry in Kenya and the wider  East African region. Since 2006, we have endeavored to become the centre of  excellence in agro financial services and promote sustainably grown coffee in  the region. Currently, we have grown to become the largest coffee  marketing company in Kenya. At  CMS, production of good quality coffee begins at the farm. We help coffee farmers bear the  challenges of the coffee industry by enhancing improved farm management  practices, facilitating a stronger negotiation position and access to new and  favorable markets. Through our professional farm-management services, farmers  can control costs of operations, improve profit margin and improve crop  quality. CMS is a management company located in Kenya. CMS also manages a  coffee dry mill in Karatina (Central Kenya Coffee Mill) and another one in the western part of kenya in the hub of the coffee producing zone in Eldoret (CMS MILLS) with a capacity of processing four (4) tons of  coffee hourly and a professional liquoring and sample room that monitors the  quality of coffee.

Our Vision: To be the leading sustainable coffee  farming specialists in East Africa assisting producers to be certified and link  them to the markets.

Our Mission: To offer unrivaled farm management  services using the latest research and technology that will assist the farmer  access the coffee markets whose consumer demand for coffee grown using  economically, socially and environmentally sustainable practices is ever  increasing.